Who we are 

Cupper Beans Ltd is a startup company that was established in 2019 and specializes in producing high-quality specialty and experimental coffees (honey, natural, and anaerobic processes) through a cooperative financing model.

Why Delicious?

Our coffee is 100 percent Arabica and is hand-selected to ensure premium quality. We value our coffee growers and pay them a fair price for their beans, which benefits not only the quality of the coffee but also the well-being of the farmer, his family, and his community. Our main goal is to provide our customers around the world with the best quality coffees and the most satisfying coffee experiences. We enable our customers to enjoy our top-quality coffees at home and relive those wonderful coffee moments wherever they are.

How we do it

The carefully hand-picked Arabica is processed using the wet method. This washing process intensifies the aromatic flavors of the coffee while reducing its bitterness. First the beans are submerged in a water bath for a period of 16 to 36 hours until they have fully expanded and totally softened

Coffee with a story

Cupper Beans ltd believe that traceability, transparency and a closer connection between producer and consumer can add value, improve quality and bring more opportunities for positive social and environmental impact.

Women and girls are our main business partner

We believe the importance of role of women in Rwandan agriculture society in general. And empowering women’s group is vital towards increasing small holder farmer’s income level. Cupper Beans ltd empowers women to plant, grow, harvest and sell their own coffee, and earn income independent from their husbands.